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Crawling Babies and cat feeding solutions

4 replies

malachysmum · 24/03/2011 12:43


Can I please ask... What does everyone else do when their little crawler discovers the delights of the cat biscuits and the splish splash water bowl?

Thanks in advance

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iliketea · 24/03/2011 13:02

We don't leave cat food out for ours, only feed them twice a day, so no need to worry about dc eating the cat food (indoor cats, fed as recommended by the rescue centre we got them from) and I figure the water bowl - oh well if she splashes about it in, I just make sure I was dc's hands.

And fwiw, I don't think eating a cat biscuit or 2 ever does a child much harm, just wouldn't recommend it as part of daily diet :)

MollysChambers · 24/03/2011 13:07

All of mine have eaten cat food at least once.

Our scrawny wee moggie hardly eats so we leave food out all the time. Just have to be vigilant. They do learn!

Elk · 24/03/2011 13:22

Both of mine ate cat biscuits, it does horrible things to their breath. I could guarantee that if the house had gone quiet one of them would be sitting under the table eating the cat food. They don't do it for long (I don't think it tastes that nice).

malachysmum · 24/03/2011 18:07

I wasn't going to do baby gates as we are on a single floor. DS was feeding the cat chicken for lunch today from his chair, so I guess lunch goes both ways...

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