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What do you think about this cat?

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Purplebuns · 22/03/2011 18:54

My cat has a couple of pals she plays with in the garden, one is the neighbours (friendly) cat.
The other cat doesn't have a collar, this cat is also quite wary of me and runs off.
So why has this cat started coming into my house today? Is it just a nosy bugger or possibly homeless? I can't understand why it keeps coming in and then running away as soon as it sees me? I have found it under various beds as well as just trotting around. It isn't pregnant and it is young and small, looks thin to me but my cat is fluffy so I don't know if it is actually thin?

I can't just boot it out because A) it runs away. B) It is small and completely black so it is easily hidden. Also I am not sure if I even should boot it out :s

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pinkhebe · 22/03/2011 20:17

We had our friends cat come into our house several times one day. We just put him outside each time. After that day he never tried again. I suspect his family may have been away for the night Grin

Purplebuns · 22/03/2011 22:51

Maybe, I did have it in the house a couple of weeks ago, but all it did was come out of the kitchen cupboard and fly out the cat flap, when I entered the room. Today it has been nipping in and out, also Dh found it eating a bone in our kitchen Hmm I don't understand why it keeps coming in considering it doesn't seem to really like us? But cats are weird and our cat doesn't seem to mind him being here lol

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Pancakeflipper · 22/03/2011 22:56

Perhaps the cat cannot get into his house? Owners away/moved etc. Or they aren't feeding the cat anymore? Or they got another animal and the cat has moved out ( to live under your bed) ? It's probably hoping you are going to move out and leave them alone with your cat and live happily ever after.

DaphneHeartsFred · 22/03/2011 23:00

It's called "Try Before You Buy".

He is seriously checking you out.

Purplebuns · 23/03/2011 10:04

I won't notice if he is in today so much, as I am working. I am not averse to another cat actually, and Dh wanted a black one to. Wink They make a lovely contrast, considering our cat is completely white!
I guess the cat is hungry as it was pinching a bone, DH doesn't want to feed it in case it starts pinching our cats food, but the cat hasn't done that yet.
I hope the wee fella is ok. I am sure he must have a home as there are so many cats around, I will ask my neighbour about it when I bump into them next.

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