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What do you think about this cat?

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Purplebuns · 22/03/2011 18:52

My cat has a couple of pals she plays with in the garden, one is the neighbours (friendly) cat. The other doesn't have a collar, this cat is also quite wary of me and runs off.
So why has this cat started coming into my house today? Is it just a nosy bugger or possibly homeless? I can't understand why it keeps coming in and then running away as soon as it sees me? I have found it under various beds as well as just trotting around. It isn't pregnant and it is young and small, looks thin to me but my cat is fluffy so I don't know if it is actually thin?

I can't just boot it out because A) it runs away. B) It is small and completely black so it is easily hidden. Also I am not sure if I even should boot it out :s

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