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How do you get old cat wee out of carpet??

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KirstyJC · 22/03/2011 13:36


I am hoping one of you experienced cat owners can help us here....

We have just moved into a house where the previous owners had 5 cats. We were expecting to find cat hair everywhere but not the cat pee on the study carpet - what a lovely surprise that was, and how nice of them to leave it for us! Hmm

So, bearing in mind that the house has been empty for 2 months and it still REEKS of piss, does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of it? We can't afford to get carpet cleaners in, plus there are still boxes everywhere so they would struggle to clean the whole carpet anyway.

I am due to have a baby on Saturday and the thought of getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing the carpet is not a happy one...not to mention I might not be able to get back up again!

Any advice very welcome!


OP posts:
Havingkittens · 22/03/2011 18:36

You can try to pin point where the smell is coming from. This can be done with a UV black light but you might not want to spend the money on one of those. Some things that help are soaking the area with a 50% solution of white vinegar and water, then blot as much as possible and sprinkle generously with bicarbonate of soda which will absorb the water and some of the odour. Once it is dry try to get as much of it up with a dustpan as possible as you don't want the smelly bicarb crystals stinking out your vacuum cleaner and then hoover up the remaining amount but you'll probably want to get rid of the hoover bag afterwards. This may leave white patches in your carpet but you can then blot them out with a damp cloth, even better, dampened with soda water which will also help neutralise any remaining odour.

There is a product called "Urine-off" which helps quite a lot but it doesn't smell great. One thing I have found for treating areas where I've managed to get the cat wee up quickly is No Vac carpet freshener. It's a mousse/spray product which you spray liberally on the area and then just let it soak into the carpet. It doesn't need hoovering up, it just disappears.

TitsForBrains · 22/03/2011 18:40

Biological washing powder can also help neutralise the smell

paddypoopants · 22/03/2011 18:42

There is a rug doctor spray specifically to remove the smell of urine/vomit etc - I have found it pretty good although and it doesn't smell too bad although you'd need to pin point the exact spot. It is very hard to get rid of the smell of cat pee. Someone else on another thread recommended using bio washing liquid diluted. It's something to do with breaking down enzymes or something.

Jen1133 · 10/09/2019 10:49

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