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Missing ragdoll cat

6 replies

cedmonds · 17/03/2011 21:14

My beautifull cat has been missing since this morning when he managed to escape though the front door. There have been loads of vans on our road today from various workman.Im really worried he has gone in to one of them and no one knew.Sad I have been out calling him and have walked along the road looking for him. He has never been out before apart from our back garden. I hope he is ok.

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mappandlucia · 17/03/2011 21:18

I hope you find him.

My friend has a Ragdoll and I love him

cedmonds · 17/03/2011 22:41

Thanks so do I he is still not back been along the road and i cant see him. Ds is going to be so sad when he is not here tomorrow morning. All he has been saying is he is dead or he is lost.

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Fluffycloudland77 · 18/03/2011 08:05

Have you put posters up? I'd ring all the local vets and rescue centres too.

Is he microchipped? Castrated?

Keep calling him they have a good homing instinct, if he looks out of the windows he probably has a pretty good idea of the local layout. Mine seemed to know where he was going soon as I let him out.

If he's mooching around his tummy will guide him home.

cedmonds · 18/03/2011 09:02

HI He is home he had been stuck up a tree all night. I dont understand how we didnt here him last night when we were calling him, he was only nextdoor.He has come in had a big bowl of food and gone upstairs to bed. hE was so scared.I never thought a cat would get stuck

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LittleNicci · 18/03/2011 22:59

Glad you got him back ~ you must be so relieved! I was going to suggest Twitter as there is a site for lost dogs which posts on there, with many happy endings!!

cedmonds · 19/03/2011 10:38

THanks we had put him on a lost pet site and pet log as he is microchiped. But will rembember twitter is he goes walk about again. He hasnt left me side since he has been back. I think he must have been in a fight as he has bite marks on him and scratches.So maybe that made him to go in the tree.

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