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Why does my cat do this, - just curious?

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misty75 · 11/03/2011 23:58

It's not a problem, and only a small thing, but I'm really curious about it. When she has finished eating she always stalks off to another room and yowls at the top of her voice repeatedly. After a while she tends to fall asleep there.

I have two cats, a mother and daughter and it is the daughter who does this. Her mum sits unpeturbed and never reacts to it. If I go and try to see what the matter is, she looks fine and is not interested in going out, or anything, so it is a mystery to me!

Her mum has clearly learnt to ignore it and has never done it herself, but if anyone knows what she is signalling it'd be interesting to know. Thanks to anyone who has got any ideas : )

OP posts:
SlainteBooyFeckingHoo · 12/03/2011 00:01

giving thanks for her meal? Grin

misty75 · 12/03/2011 00:15

thanks, that makes sense. I didn't think of that! she must be saying cheers while settling down to her after-dinner nap Grin

OP posts:
SlainteBooyFeckingHoo · 12/03/2011 00:18

or maybe it helps to settle her food if she has a little sing before napping. nothing worse than heartburn!! Grin

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