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my cat can tell the time

5 replies

FourFortyFour · 10/03/2011 20:59

not by looking at a clock but my sense Grin.

OP posts:
1Catherine1 · 11/03/2011 00:16

British summer time really confuses them though :)

My childhood dog used to be able to tell the time too - he would show up at my primary school to play with us at break time and lunch time. He would also wait for us at the end of our street by the same lamppost every day at 3:30pm when we were coming home. It was so sweet, we would come around the corner and see him sat there and as soon as he saw us he would run towards us. I miss that little man!!

Lizcat · 12/03/2011 16:25

Clocks changing a night mare, irritable cats for weeks considering their food is being un-necessarily delayed.

Bearcat · 13/03/2011 15:32

My cat knows when its 5 O'clock tea time and also is sitting in the window waiting for me when I come home from work (don't think he has sat there all day!)

ChupaChups · 15/03/2011 21:56

When we were small our cat used to wait at the end of the drive for my sister to come home and they would walk up the drive together.

Did it everyday too. Amazing really...

tigerchilli · 23/03/2011 16:27

My cat used to ask to be out about half past eight on a morning when I was working night shift as a nurse. I used to roll up about five minutes later to find him sitting on the steps craning his neck (to check it was me) when I drove up the hill. I would then be loved to death!

Alas, we had to have him put to sleep last year - he was 19 y/o so had a good innings, but I still miss him.

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