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Fat lip

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maypole1 · 09/03/2011 22:46

Hi their just wanted to aka every one what they think.

My cat every now and then gets a swollen lip at first I thought she was licking something she shouldn't be but I just not sure its every couple of months

What could it be.

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Teds77 · 10/03/2011 08:51

One of my boys gets a swollen bottom lip when he eats too much posh fishy food (tesco finest tuna is one of the worst culprits). Before we picked this up properly it would be sometimes accompanied by a runny bum. Vet says he has a bit of an allergy/sensitivity to certain foods, mentioned some long word I can't remember and said that fleas can sometimes set off a similar reaction.

Cat adores posh fishy food but now only gets it once a blue moon.

maypole1 · 11/03/2011 12:17

oh thanks for that we do buy him cat food with reall fish chunks in it may be just stick to the meat ones

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