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Neighbourhood cats fighting - advice please!

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LifeInTheSlowLane · 04/03/2011 11:12

My two rescue cats have recently started going outside. So far so good, they mostly stuck to the back garden and the gardens that back onto ours. However, this week they have learnt to jump over the side gate and get out the front. We live at the end of a v.quiet cul de sac so no worries about cars, but my male cat came home with a big scratch the other day, and this morning I saw him crouched down having a stand-off with a cat who lives a few doors down. I tried to call him in but he wouldn't come, so I went out and picked him up and brought him in. The other cat sauntered off. Should I have just left him to it? He's my PFB and I don't want him to get hurt!!

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LifeInTheSlowLane · 05/03/2011 16:22


My cat doesn't seem put off by this, in fact he's keen to get out. Been out again today and came in with a small scratch so I guess he's had another close encounter! Will the neighbours' cats get used to him eventually or will it always be like this??

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QuietTiger · 05/03/2011 17:55

Because he's a new cat in the neighbourhood, there will be squabbling with the resident cats over territory rights. Generally, it should all settle down after a few days (hopefully) as your boys establishes his rights and territory.

Make sure that you check him daily for lumps, bumps and bruises though!

Ooopsadaisy · 05/03/2011 18:04

With cats - it's all about territory.

They are doing exactly what is natural to them.

I know it's not very nice for you because you are worried about them, but they are just following instinctive behaviour.

Is your other cat a female? Are they fighting over her?

LifeInTheSlowLane · 06/03/2011 08:58

My other cat is female, they are mother and son. I don't think they are fighting over her - she's a bit timid so doesn't go much further than the garden. Both mine are neutered if that makes any difference, not sure about the others in the neighbourhood though.

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