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The litter tray

Is it a mistake to get this DH right about it not coping?

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Teenybitsad · 17/02/2011 20:41

We want a cat or kitten and my local rescue are going to arrange a meeting with a 1 year old male. He has been sent there from a loving home as his owner has moved and can't take him.

The cat is "Great with Kids and would suit a family home but not a home with other cats as he is nervous of them due to bullying when younger"

DH reckons that because our neighbour has 2 cats they will pick on this little fella and that he will be miserable.

I think that wherever he goes he will meet other cats outside...according to the shelter he "LIkes a mooch in the garden"

Which suggests he's not confident enough to wander you think it will be ok?

Will his confidence grow? He's lovely...all black and just gorgeous.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 17/02/2011 20:43

Black cats tend to hold their own rather well you may find he is the one beating the crap out of the neighbour's cats in a few months.

Have you had a cat in the house before. He will need to mark his territory well and then the others will sod off.

Having said, as long as he has boltholes in your house even if he does scrap with the neighbours, he can run home and be safe. Cats sleep 18 hours a day anyway, keep him in at night, that's mostly when they fight.

Teenybitsad · 17/02/2011 20:46

Really whomovedmychoc? I never knew that about black cats...I thought they were all just who they were regardless of colour!

Weve not had a cat...we were wating till' the DC got big enough.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 17/02/2011 20:53

Oh I've had a lot of black and post office type cats (black and white). Good mousers too.

We are getting a new rescue black one on Sunday hopefully, together with a pure breed persian rescue (I'm starting to wibble about the hair already).

It will help if you are about outside when your cat ventures out for the first time and that she is hungry (so she comes back sharpish).

And get a catflap. Unless you have always hankered to be a doorman Grin

Teenybitsad · 17/02/2011 20:59

Ok...I will make sure to be with him when he goes out for the first time. Should I keep him in for a week first? That's what my friend says...Its been so long since I had aa cat I can't remember!

OP posts:
Teenybitsad · 17/02/2011 21:00

Actually I always liked the way my cat would meow to come in when I was a teenager!

It's lovely...the way they stare at you through the window and look devesated like you've chucked them out forerver!

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 17/02/2011 21:03

Yes - at least a week - mind you mine escaped after 24 hours last time with no ill effects but a week is good. Cats protection say 3 weeks Shock but it depends on the cat.

When he comes, leave his carried with the door open for him to retreat back into. Don't worry if he hides under the bed. It's a good idea to show him where the litter tray is, and where his food is and then sit down and have dinner so he can explore without you bugging him.

If possible close all upstairs doors so he only has one floor to navigate the first day. The next day he can go play upstairs etc. If he starts getting twitchy, reduce his roaming space to one room till he calms down. Take it slowly. You'll probably find he's so delighted to be out of the shelter he'll run around like a mad thing.

Teenybitsad · 17/02/2011 22:19

Oh goody...thanks!

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 21/02/2011 20:03

and????? How did it go? :)

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