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The litter tray

Is the cat in labour?

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needsatrim · 16/02/2011 17:08

We adopted this cat by default 10 days ago and after a vet check were informed she is about 6 weeks pregnant, anyway after worming and passing tons of worms she reduced in girth, to the point we have begun to doubt pregnant at all.
Anyway she seemed really settled and using litter tray etc but last 2 nights she has been going mad at the door to come upstairs, or just to get out of lounge/ kitchen, howling, scratching and generally banging around. This morning wee'd indiscrimantely on the floor in toilet Has been doing this low pitched noise for ages and sort of laid on her front marching with her back legs.
Don't know the cat, not sure if really pregnant, how big do they look. only a young cat? Urine infection.
Any advice appreciated.

OP posts:
westerngirl · 17/02/2011 23:59

hi needsatrim,

Sorry I don't know anything about pregnant cats. I was just wondering how she was. The vet must have felt the kittens.

Bummer how people don't spay their female cats. We may be in same boat as you. Female cat keep coming to our house for food. I don't thing she's neutered.....! Don't think she's going back to where she came from either; if she had a home. Time for a trip to the vets I think.

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