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Persians and kids - yes or no?

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whomovedmychocolate · 14/02/2011 09:02

We have been visiting and have reserved a chincilla persian and a black mog from the local RSPCA centre. But I've been talking to a persian breeder down the road and she says persian cats and small children are an absolute no-no as they hate noise and activity and prefer a very quiet sedate life.

I don't want to take a cat on who will be unhappy. Especially when I know this cat will get another home easily because frankly she's a bit gorgeous. There is another black cat so I could have a twin pair of black mogs instead

WWYD? I'm surprised the RSPCA hasn't mentioned this as further googling says persians and little kids don't mix Confused

OP posts:
ChickFlit · 14/02/2011 09:09

I have a persian (who came before the kids) to be honest she's never appeared to be bothered by the DC's. She just ignores them and they ignore her. She does like lots of cuddles though and hates being brushed, she's also really, really noisy I described her as being worse than a peacock the other day she shouts all day long.

I have a normal moggie (again pre DC's) and he really can't stand the noise of the DC's in the house to the point where they come in and he goes out and will only come back in again when they've gone to bed.

I think it's all down to the individual cat.

I would say with the persian though she has quite filthy habits, won't use a litter tray prefers a corner of the landing things like that. My DB had a persian too and she used to poo in strange places too. I think it might be a persian thing. I've managed to stop mine now but it took quite a while.

whomovedmychocolate · 14/02/2011 16:07

Thanks Chickflit - the mog is very affectionate and playful and likes the kids (weirdo Wink).

But the persian has always just hunkered down in her basket when we've visited.

This one does use the litter tray because she's been in a shelter. We are hoping she will go out to poo though because frankly I loathe litter trays.

OP posts:
CameronCook · 14/02/2011 22:50

Our persian is fine with the DCs got her when DS (ASD so noisy and unpredictable) was a toddler and then she's known and worshipped DD since she was a baby.

As far as cats go IME persians are more like dogs - loyal, loving but dirty and a bit thick

ChickFlit · 15/02/2011 07:27

CC that so describes my persian, she really is dirty and thick, but very, very loyal follows me round the house all day.

Actually my DS1 has ASD too so noise levels used to get a bit crazy.

My moggie cat is a rescue cat and he's the one who doesn't like noise, it's possibly to do with his age, he's 17 now and the circumstances he came from before he was rescued.

I'd really say go for it, as long as your cats have somewhere to go to get away from noisy DC's I'm sure they'll be fine.

Geepers · 15/02/2011 07:29

My persian hates my children. She spends all of her time hiding away from them. If I'd have known she would be like this i wouldn't have got her.

whomovedmychocolate · 15/02/2011 08:06

This persian has had an elderly owner for 5 years (who died) and has only been in a shelter since then - do you think that would make a difference - the ones who seem settled seem to have grown up round children. Confused

OP posts:
coldtits · 15/02/2011 08:10

I'm glad someone else agrees that pPersians, for all their beauty, are filthy creatures.

I used to have a white persian and a plain black and white mog - the mog used to follow the persian around the house tidying up after her, kicking litter over the persian's poos and 'pawing' the food back into a tidy pile. It was quite funny to watch.

ChickFlit · 15/02/2011 10:13

So like my moggie, his owner was elderly before he went into a shelter. My mog doesn't like the noise the DC's makes so basically he just leaves any room that they are in, however he sleeps at the bottom of DC2's bed and cuddles into DC2 when he's sleeping. The persian doesn't even seem to notice their noise as long as they don't disturb her while she's sleeping.

Both my cats were quite old before the DC's came along, i think the persian would have been about five so possibly well established in the family.

If you do get the persian it might be a good idea to have a quiet room that he can go to, my cats have their own settee in the dining room or as I say the bottom of DC2's bed and that's where they choose to be when the DC's are in the house, or outside of course. They do like to be outdoors killing things.

whomovedmychocolate · 15/02/2011 10:58

Well we have a heated floor in the conservatory which is ideal for hiding in as there is a door from the kitchen with a catflap that the kids can't get through because the handle is too high. So there is a bolthole.

I think I'll ask the RSPCAs homing advisor for some advice too - perhaps they haven't put two and two together.

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