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A message to anyone who's had to give up a beast for rehoming...

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catinthehat2 · 13/02/2011 18:23

...and worries that the next owner can't possibly love a 'second hand', 'used' 'unwanted' pet.

I have 2 'second hand' 'used' 'unwanted' boys sitting next to me.

I adore them. The sun shines out of their revolting bottoms. They were clearly wonderful chaps before they went to the shelter, and after a hard time settling in, they are worshipped by all of us. We don't care what happened to them before, we are DAMNED lucky to have them living here.

Over & out.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 13/02/2011 18:33

We're about to get two abandoned ones, one of whom their owner has died and the other was a stray, they are both sporting battered egos and on is seriously depressed in the cattery. :( But I'm hoping they'll perk up when they learn they have a new forever home.

whomovedmychocolate · 13/02/2011 18:33

one is, not on is.

catinthehat2 · 13/02/2011 18:37


'seriously depressed' yes they go downhill and catch colds and generally turn utterly crap and miserable.

the upside is that something clicks in their heads (has taken about 6 weeks with ours) and suddenly they turn into utter bastards, swaggering around, flashing their muscles, and being total nuisances vis a vis computer screens. It's a huge pleasure! Grin

OP posts:
catinthehat2 · 13/02/2011 18:44

And all those people who think cats are independent, snotty & turn up their noses at their humans except when food is involved have got it all wrong!

I've never met a cat that doesn't want to constantly hang out with you, preferably sitting on your lap & dribbling.

Yes. I am feeble minded.

OP posts:
Ladymuck · 13/02/2011 18:47

We had to rehome our two when ds2 was born. I felt stricken with grief and guilt and gave the CPL a huge cheque to cover the costs of looking after them. They were rehomed within 3 days, so clearly wanted.

catinthehat2 · 13/02/2011 19:09

3 days didn't give them a chance to get totally miserable either, AND your cheque must have ended up helping other beasts so a lot of mammals benefited ladyM

OP posts:
Maud2011 · 13/02/2011 21:13

What a lovely thread. I would hate ever to have to re-home my two somewhat ancient beasts and it makes me sad that older cats so often get overlooked in shelters in favour of kittens... but I'm delighted to hear that two "second hand" boys have found a good home with you.

Small factual correction though, the sun shines out of my cats' revolting bottoms Smile.

ThistleWhistle · 14/02/2011 00:18

We got 2 cats from a rescue centre 10 years ago when they were 7 and 8, so considered old even then! We still have 1 and the other only died last year. Even though they have both cost a fortune with their ailments I have loved them so much.

Then we took in a stray 6 years ago. He was beautiful, (think grey tabby from the whiskas ad), but a vicious git who terrorised my DC and other 2 cats. But we all loved him and were devastated when he died last year.

Then in the autumn we took on 2 kittens from the CPL, one whos mother was a stray and gave birth under a bush, and another who was an unwanted pet. They are gorgeous and great fun and I couldn't imagine being without them. For one of them we were her 4th home in as many months so it has taken her a good few months to settle in here. I think she realises now she is here to stay and is getting more and more affectionate. Would not be without them now.

scaryteacher · 14/02/2011 20:11

I have a beastie who has rehomed himself from the house in front and who I don't quite know what to do with. I love him to bits, he 'adopted' us last summer; went back to his owner for a week in November when we went back to UK, and she has now handed over his vaccination certificates. I presume from that he will be a permanent fixture chez moi.

It is fab to have a cat around again, after a gap of 5 years since my elderly 19 yo gentleman died. My dilemma is that I am minded to get him the rabies jabs when his jabs are due, and a pet passport, so that he comes back to UK with me when we are posted back. His owner doesn't seem interested in him, but I don't know if she would balk at him becoming a Cornish cat as opposed to a Belgian cat.

IlsaLund · 14/02/2011 20:37

Lovely thread.

We have one rescue dog and 4 rescue cats and they are lovely.

The dog and 3 of the cats had had a rotten time before we had them and some of them have taken a long time to become calm and settled.

Infact, we have just reached the stage where they are all settled and calm and I DH thinks we should get another dog...

CarGirl · 14/02/2011 20:41

We rehomed an 8 year old after he died due to stomach tumour we rehomed another elderly 7 year old. The current pair came to us at 2 (change of lifestyle for mature owner she was devestated) took them 9 months to fully settle - absolute nutter sibling pair. I really can't see the appeal of kittens with older cats you know what you're getting and they don't destroy your house quite as much

mitochondria · 14/02/2011 20:48

I had to rehome my two cats many years ago when we moved from a house to a top floor flat with no garden.

They were city cats, but went to live with my Aunty on her smallholding.

We could have had them back a couple of years later, but they were so happy catching all the rats and mice in the barn that I couldn't bear to make them city cats again.

10 years later, they are getting a bit old for the rats but the mice are still very wary, and they curl up in front of an open fire every night.

smokinaces · 14/02/2011 20:53

my HUGE rehomed cat is currently curled up by my shoulders purring happily, after spending the day sleeping on my bed. In the 9 months we have had him he has come so much out of his shell, and the whole family adores him (though me a little less when he stinks the house out Grin) I would never get a kitten when there are so many gorgeous adult cats out there waiting for loving homes

smokinaces · 14/02/2011 20:54

and on that note my fat cat has just walked past my face and keyboard whilst letting one go.

cheers cat. that smells so nice.

FluteyBoots · 14/02/2011 20:54

2 second hand chaps here too. Came to us aged 3ish, both were jumpy and unfriendly. Now aged 9ish, they are a pair of naughty, loveable, cheeky, dirty, thievish, affectionate rogues.

They are my DS's (15 months) favourite things, they make him beam whenever he sees them. He hugs them like his teddy bears and they don't seem to mind too much.

Never knew why they had lost their first home, but they are here for good now anyway.

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