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Do Seagulls/large birds attack adult cats?

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CarGirl · 31/01/2011 23:08

BoyCat had a hissy fit the other day growling out of the windows all day - only thing we could see were seagulls.

Have now found a very large bald patch on his head presumably where a scab has fallen off.

Do segulls attack cats or am I doing 2+2=5???

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CarGirl · 01/02/2011 21:12


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conkersdropped · 01/02/2011 21:15

I think they will.

Magpies chase our moggies!

But the scab might have been due to a fight or something?

Monkeytoo · 01/02/2011 21:17

I think seagulls in theory can attack people so am sure they would cats too. Could they be nesting on your roof? Think you can get advice from the council regarding them if they're a nuisance as they can become aggressive.

CarGirl · 01/02/2011 21:17

It's a funny shape - diamond shaped bald patch can't see teeth marks?

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AMumInScotland · 01/02/2011 21:24

Herring gulls in particular are big and aggressive, and will mob anything they think is threatening a chick - we couldn't go into our back garden for about a week when a "chick" was there - it had flown down from the roof but couldn't fly back up. All its relatives mobbed us if we tried to go out!

Piggles · 02/02/2011 00:10

My mum's cat developed a diamond shaped scab and a bump on her head. We took the cat to the vet to get her checked out - the vet tore off the scab (leaving a pretty substantial bald patch) and squeezed out masses of gunk explaining that the wound was very probably as a result of a peck from a large bird which had got infected.

So it sounds like your cat may have had much the same thing - only fortunately without the infection.

rockinhippy · 02/02/2011 10:57

Yes, & Cats will also attack seagulls too, which could also be why your Cat got himself attacked

My Parents Cats brought quite a few home over the years, even manged to get them through an upstairs window at 1 pointShock

CarGirl · 02/02/2011 20:15

Well hopefully it will have disturbed him enough to stop trying to decimate the local bird population for a while!

OP posts:
sammcooke · 09/06/2018 23:56

Hi i also think my cat has bewn attacked by seagulls the wound is on his back im in ramsgate kent i think because this rime of year they are nesting but also think they are becoming a pest

LanguidLobster · 10/06/2018 00:31

Yes - oddly enough I've got a thread below about seagulls. Bloody thing went to attack me when I tried to stop it attacking the cat.

They really are vicious.

Pink993 · 01/06/2019 08:01

Mine don’t hunt but sit eating their dinner, a gull walks up to them and attacks them to get the food. You would think at that point my fantastic ratters would get the bird and kill They have no interest in birds, just rats. You sound like a cat hater. Without my boys our local area would have a lot more filthy dirty rats than it has now. It still however has the same amount of birds.

Babdoc · 03/06/2019 09:46

They would only try it once with my feisty little madam! She wrestled a massive wood pigeon indoors a few weeks ago, and was chasing it round the sitting room...
My sister’s cat used to drag full grown pheasants through the cat flap, too.

Normaknowall · 03/06/2019 11:42

They certainly do especially if there's a nest sited nearby, we're very close to the sea and my cat was mobbed by several seagulls every time he went out in daylight for a few weeks. I had a hard time scaring them off him.

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