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Elderly orphaned cats.Advice please.

3 replies

maras2 · 28/01/2011 19:24

Nephews mother died and finding it difficult to re home 2 fourteen year old cats.No luck from C.P.L and family members.West Midlands area.Please help.

OP posts:
beautifulgirls · 28/01/2011 20:18

Not sure but maybe these people could be of help?

maras2 · 28/01/2011 20:58

Thanks girls.Every bit of advice helps.I'd love to have them but my two are very old and would'nt tolerate any other cats.

OP posts:
Lizcat · 29/01/2011 16:50

Like Baeutifulgirls I was also going to suggest the wonderful Cinnamon Trust.

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