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The litter tray

my male cat is weeing blood

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SilveryMoon · 26/01/2011 00:18

I noticed it first this morning, but dismissed it.
He likes to pee in the potty so I can easily see it.
He is constantly back and forth to the litter tray/potty.
So, day off work tomorrow to hunt down a vet I suppose

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Goblinchild · 26/01/2011 00:20

Absolutely, could be an infection, kidney problems or someone could have booted him and hurt him.
It's a serious sign. Sad

SilveryMoon · 26/01/2011 00:27

Thanks. He's not been hurt, he is an indoor cat so I know no one has hurt him.

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SilveryMoon · 26/01/2011 00:27

Thanks. He's not been hurt, he is an indoor cat so I know no one has hurt him.

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Lizcat · 26/01/2011 09:12

Off to the vet this morning I would say middle aged indoor male neutered cats are the most prone to urinary tract problems.

alegre · 26/01/2011 09:16

I had a cat that peed (?, looks wrong) blood and it was a kidney infection. Your cat needs to be seen to asap.
Good luck x

beautifulgirls · 26/01/2011 11:01

Definately to the vets this morning - quite important for male cats to get this checked out and can lead to blockage of the bladder in a small number of cases and this is very serious if it happens.

SilveryMoon · 26/01/2011 11:16

Thanks everyone.
I didn't go in to work today and made an appointment at the vets.
Then I couldn't get the cat in the travel box. I have been punctured and there was a big pool of blood on the floor. He then ran behind the washing machine and I can't find him Sad Sad

I've put out a tin of wet food in the hope the smell will coax him out.

God know's how I'll get him in the box

OP posts:
alegre · 26/01/2011 14:59

Oh dear, I know how difficult it is to get them in their travel boxes....

Any news yet? Did you manage to get him to the vets?

SilveryMoon · 26/01/2011 16:49

Hi, yes I did. Smile
He got a jab and shoould be fine.
Thank you

OP posts:
alegre · 26/01/2011 17:08

Great news Smile

SilveryMoon · 26/01/2011 17:29

Thanks. So relieved.
Although he is not the most sociable animal and he rarely gets close enough to anyone that we can touch him, we do love him.
(Well, I do, not sure about dp as the cats are quite lively) Wink

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Goblinchild · 26/01/2011 18:53

We also have a lovely cat that turns into a flailing bundle of claws and snarls if you try and put him in a carrier.
Part feline, part moray eel.
I'm delighted that it's something minor and hope that's the end of the problem.

SilveryMoon · 26/01/2011 19:10

Thanks Goblin Me too.
They said to see how he gets on with the 2 week AB jab, and if it reoccurs, they will do further investigations.
She thinks it is linked into him getting stressed out because I changed the cat litter brand I'm using

OP posts:
Goblinchild · 26/01/2011 19:18

God, I spend more time fussing over cat food than I do food for my son. Smile
You changed his brand of cat litter? How insensitive!

SilveryMoon · 26/01/2011 19:22

I know, I am such a selfish cow Wink
I only felt that now I am working full time and am no longer emtying the tray everyday, that I should move away from the tesco value stuff to something with odour control and a bit more absorbent.
The cheek of it, hey?

My cat clearly thinks he's some kind of King. I'll have to tell him to get a grip Wink

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