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The litter tray

Miss Tallulah

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wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 10:34

I'm introducing my cat, Tallulah and myself to the Littertray. Have only stumbled on here from Special Needs Kids department and like what I see!

Tallulah is a very small, very beautiful mackeral tabby who I inherited (age 7 weeks) and only now, some 2 and a bit years later does she condescend to acknowledge me. And that's probably as it should be, as I am unworthy of her supreme felineness!

My point is, that she mostly ignores me and I just let her get on with all the important stuff she needs to do.....lying on my (allergic to cats) step-son's bed; sucking the gizzards out of my new Boden cardigan; favouring others and granting them an audience whilst glaring at me from the comfort of their laps and generally only allowing me to feed, water and admire her prettiness.....

But then occasionally, she will sashay over to me and coil herself up in the crook of my arm when I'm relaxing, reading a book. I cannot read the last paragraph nor turn the page. I can only sit there and enjoy.

I'm honoured to have her.

Anyone else have this type of one-sided love fest going on with their feline?

OP posts:
bigcar · 21/01/2011 10:38

Grin that's cats for you! My cat loves me most when she's mewing in my ear in the middle of the night, usually followed by going to sleep on my shoulder Hmm

wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 10:47

You speak the truth there, bigcar!

Some years ago, before Tallulah graced our lives, I had a big old puss.....a black and white mog called Harry or "Big Puss" by my son, on account of his largeness of body and personality.

A gentleman friend came a'calling and met the two most important boys in my life ie, my son and Big. He made a fatal error when he said "Ah, I see you have a house rat? Stupid things!!" He was dog person but more importantly, could not see that Big had more brains than he did, not a stupid cat at all. This cat would "fetch" stuff for me. This cat would walk at my heel to the shops and sit outside, waiting with all the other muts (at a safe distance) until I came out laden with shopping. This cat was a far superior being.

I'm now married to a cat-loving man. But he knows his place......

OP posts:
bigcar · 21/01/2011 11:20

reminds me of the cat I had growing up, a proper ginger tom cat he was. He used to try to follow me everywhere, one day at the end of my road this old man came out of his house waving his walking stick at me and accusing my cat of upsetting his dog. His rather large, golden retriever type dog sat cowering behind him as he continued his rant, my cat sat at my feet with his tail curled round himself with the biggest, smuggest look on his face you have ever seen. I of course promised to have words with my cat and took him home Grin

have you seen this site before?

wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 11:31

No but, like it.

Lovin' the ginger guy!! That retriever knew when he was beat.

OP posts:
wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 15:54

Have just looked at your photo of said ginger puss. A fine feline, that one!

OP posts:
bigcar · 21/01/2011 16:28

Smile the one on my profile is our current cat, unfortunately my ginger tom cat died many, many years ago as I am ancient this one is a tiny female ginger, she was a rescue cat so we think she's approaching a year old, there's nothing to her but she just doesn't stop talking, at all. Everything she does is accompanied with a mew! Our ginger tom was probably more like your big puss, he was definitely the boss Smile

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