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19 year old cat with wobbly back legs

11 replies

clux73 · 20/01/2011 21:26


Our 19 year old cat has suddenly developed wobbly back legs and twice in the last couple of days has slightly staggered to the side when walking. She's also lost quite a lot of weight over the last few weeks.

I'm going to take her to the vet tomorrow but I just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar.


OP posts:
missjulie · 20/01/2011 23:17


I'm a vet nurse.
Glad you are taking your wee toot to the vets.
It sounds like she needs a check up.
The vet will give her a thorough examination, and may wish to take a blood sample to run tests to check on body functions etc.
Hope it goes well.
Let me know how you get on.

wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 10:17

Oh poor thing.

She is a senior cat so, may just be age related and honey, that comes to us all, if we're lucky.

I do hope she and you are ok x

clux73 · 21/01/2011 14:44

Thank you for your kind messages

Very sadly we made the decision to put her to sleep this morning. Her kidneys were failing and her muscles were wasting and we were just so lucky to have her with us, fit and healthy, for 19 years.

I'm devastated but i couldn't bear to drag it out and see her suffer.

Now got to pick my 5 year old up from school and break the news.

OP posts:
wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 15:51

Oh you poor thing.

I'm so sorry. It's a kindness though, if she was really ill.

My beloved Big Puss (14yrs) had to be put down 2 yrs ago. I took him to the vet and he was on all sorts of tablets and had to have his chest drained of fluid. Then, when he needed further more invasive treatment, the vet said "I think it's time to let him go".

It sounds ridiculous with all the stuff going on in this world but, that was one of the very hardest things I've had to do. Saying goodbye and just holding him when his little body slumped at the end.

I'm so sorry for you darling.

missjulie · 21/01/2011 17:37

Oh, I am so, so sorry lovie. What a hard decision that is to make.
They are such a huge part of the family, and a huge loss when they can no longer be part of it.
Hope your little boy will be ok, and you too, of course.
Take care,

wendihouse22 · 24/01/2011 10:02

How are you after the weekend?

Hope you're all OK.

clux73 · 24/01/2011 21:27

Thanks for thinking of us.

We're ok thanks. There's a definite feeling of loss in our house though. Keep looking for her. Just doesn't feel right.

My daughters look out the window each night to say goodnight to the brightest twinkliest star in the sky as I said that was how we could remember her. They let a helium balloon go last night (after kissing it!) so it could go up to the star!

Our other cat is looking a bit lost so we're trying to give him lots of attention.

OP posts:
wendihouse22 · 25/01/2011 17:45

Oh, that's a nice way to remember her.

Yes, your other cat will need some TLC too.

Thanks for letting us know.

BenTarr · 14/01/2019 15:23

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BenTarr · 14/01/2019 15:25

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BenTarr · 14/01/2019 15:25

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