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My Birmans got dreadlocks..

5 replies

merrywidow · 16/01/2011 19:36

He suddenly keeps getting them around his neck area, I've had him less than one year.

Normally he doesn't like to be picked up but now I have to pick out the matted fur he lets me do that.

Hes never had them before, why now?

OP posts:
MrsSchadenfreude · 16/01/2011 20:13

You need a Furminator!

Our cat sometimes gets a matted bit at the base of his tail. No idea why sometimes and not others.

merrywidow · 16/01/2011 20:50

off to google Furminator then

OP posts:
mrsnich84 · 16/01/2011 20:58

my cat gets them behind the ears because she hates being brushed and she cant reach that bit! no idea waht she does to get them though lol

MapofTassie · 21/01/2011 11:32

No, don't get a Furminator!!
I got one for my Ragdoll, the amount of fur it took off was horrifying staggering, but when his fur started growing back it grew in all matted. I'm still trying to get them all out months later.

JelliBelli · 21/01/2011 11:52

Have you been brushing/combing him since you've had him?

Perhaps he is moulting and changing his coat. It may be the hairs are not falling completely out but are getting stuck and causing the mats.

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