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does your cat just lie in the same spot all evening?

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ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo · 30/12/2010 00:24

my eldest lies on my bed all day long and then when i put teh dcs to bed he comes down and lies on the same spot on the sofa all evening til i go to bed. he literally doesn't shift!! the little girl goes in and out randomly.

OP posts:
SparklyJules · 30/12/2010 00:35

More or less, on the back of the sofa. If one of us gets up, he curls up where we were sitting (presume because it is warm!).

If I get reincarnated I'm coming back as a cat Smile

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo · 30/12/2010 00:41

me too sparkly, it's a good life!!!

my moggy is either on the folded throw on teh back of the sofa or on the groove my bum has made on 'my seat', but today ds1 has messed the cushions so poor moggy has to sit ontop of a nice soft cushion that has fallen on my groove!! Grin

OP posts:
Northernlebkuchen · 30/12/2010 00:50

She moves between spots - her basket by the radiator, the chair in the computer room, the sofa. It does look like a nice life.

mumto2andnomore · 30/12/2010 08:28

I always say Id love to be a cat too. Mine has a spot where she sleeps all of the time, then after a month or so she moves somewhere else.

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