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does anyone have an Arabian Mau cat?

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basildonbond · 28/12/2010 23:41

dh has been 'adopted' by a street cat in Abu Dhabi (he works there) and last year he also managed to acquire a kitten (no=one else would take kitten on)

he thinks it would be more fun for the kitten to live back here with the kids and our middle-aged tabby

it wouldn't be for another few months as we'd have to wait for 6 months after his rabies shots

does anyone have any experience of Arabian Maus in the UK - specifically, how do they cope with the cold as they have such thin coats?

OP posts:
Lizcat · 30/12/2010 17:25

No specific experience, but my girl friend (who is a vet) adopted two street cats when she worked for SSPCA in Hong Kong they then moved to Brazil, then the UK and now live in Georgia, Russia both cats have managed just fine in all the environments getting thicker coats or thinner as required.
Amusing aside to story I cat has a whole in it's heart and was supposed to only live 6 months now 8 years and 3 international flights later it is still very much alive.

Lizcat · 30/12/2010 17:26

Sorry obviously it's a hole in it's heart.

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