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Old diabetic cat

3 replies

WherecanIhide · 27/12/2010 22:11


I've got a lovely old boy who is diabetic and not doing very well.

The vet has said as it is so hard to keep the diabetes under control and his back legs are going, it may only be a matterr of a week or two then it may be kinder to put him to sleep.

How does everyone manage when this is inevitable yet a little way off? I don't know whether to give him much more attention (as much as he wants) or not so much to prepare for the inevitable. Bearing in mind he isn't an overly affectionate cat, but still friendly etc.

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BlitzenAndCupidsSleighDodger · 27/12/2010 22:16

I would make him as comfortable as possible.

You know your cat, for some cats this would be loads of cuddles, for some it would be being left alone. Spoil him as only you know he would like to be spoiled. you will know the right thing to do x

WherecanIhide · 27/12/2010 22:18

Ah thankyou Blitzen.

Waiting for the inevitable is awful - we can only do our best...

OP posts:
BlitzenAndCupidsSleighDodger · 27/12/2010 22:46

But you will know you have done your best for him.

Only you know him as a boy who wants a fuss or a boy who wants some space xx

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