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The litter tray

My boys are going to meow slightly higher tomorrow

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christmaswrapping · 21/12/2010 21:18

My 2 6.5 month kittens are going in tomorrow to be castrated.

Couple of questions - do I have to starve them (not feed them) in the morning?

And is there anything I should/should not do when they come home?

OP posts:
simpson · 21/12/2010 21:45

when my 2 female kitties were done (only 3wks ago) I was advised not to feed them from about 7pm the night before.

When I got them back after their op they were absolutely fine and even wanted to go outside Shock although I did not let them for a few days...

Once they were home I gave them a meal of cooked chicken (spoilt cats!!) as they can be more prone to upset tummies after all the drugs etc....

TBH you would not know anything had been done to them really apart from the shaven bits iyswim.

Both my two got very distressed at having to wear one of those head collar thingies so the vet said not to bother but to ring him if they were picking at their stitches etc which they didn't.

christmaswrapping · 21/12/2010 22:18

Oops I've just fed them at 10pm. I'll advise the vet that was when they last had food.

I'll buy a nice chicken breast for them as a treat when they come out then.

These are men - they won't be as au fait as women - I'm sure they'll lie there, moaning at me how ill they feel, how awful it all was Wink

I told dh that it was 3 for 2 and he was going in on Thursday Grin

OP posts:
simpson · 21/12/2010 22:23

PMSL at 3 for 2!!!!

I was suprised at how much I missed them when they were at the vets Blush

SantasNutellaFairy · 21/12/2010 22:30

you just need a sandbag to hold them down and 2 bricks to bang togetherWink

Seriously- if they are coming home while still slightly sedated, make sure you have a camera/ video capability. It's hilarious when they stagger around!Grin

Keep an eye on them wahsing their bits for a couple of days- they may try to chew the stitches out.

Teds77 · 21/12/2010 23:55

One of my boys was very John Wayne like in walking for a day or so - poor thing! Like Santa says - need to keep an eye on them washing their bits.

Only other thing I remember is that the vet advised that we took the litter our of the litter tray and replaced with shredded paper. I think this was to ensure that there was no chance anything stuck to their bits. However, they need to wee within about 12-24 hours of the operation (can't quite remember). My boys has no intention of doing this on shredded paper so we reverted to litter.

christmaswrapping · 22/12/2010 08:16

Oh they are very fussy over their litter, and will do it just outside their tray, if the litter is not to their exacting standards Hmm

They are crying at the moment, as they can't understand why they've got no breakfast.

Going off at 9 - fingers crossed all goes nice and smoothly.

OP posts:
SantasNutellaFairy · 22/12/2010 08:30

They will be fine- it's very rare for any complications to happen in a neutering op.

I'm sure they'll make up for it by eating loads this evening and then ignoring you for a couple of days.

christmaswrapping · 22/12/2010 15:29

They're home.

One won't stop licking!!!

One won't stop eating!!!

OP posts:
SantasNutellaFairy · 22/12/2010 16:12


were they staggering around a bit at first?

christmaswrapping · 23/12/2010 07:24

It was funny they weren't staggering, but one is most decidely laying blame firmly at me, and will only come to me when he wants food (that's the one that won't stop eating - even got me up at 3am as he wanted more food. (one meal he missed, one meal and he acts like he wasn't fed for days!)).

While the other one is playing and running around with a ball, but obviously does too much as he suddenly lays down on the floor with his legs spread wide, and buries his head in his front paws. Then is off again.

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