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purplepidjbauble · 19/12/2010 20:58

I'm in the process of applying for my cat Mango to be a therapy cat (pics on profile). He's a soppy ginger furball, ever so calm and tolerant of being picked up, rough play, harness and lead. We're working on walking to heel and sitting at the moment.

I work with adults with learning disabilities, and the plan is that he would come to work with me for the day. I would keep food, water and litter tray there for him.

Has anybody had any experience with therapy cats? Also, any bright ideas of how I can get him to and from my workplace? It's not far enough to bother getting the car out, but too far to carry the cat box. I wouldn't expect Mango to walk half a mile across town on his lead. He'd be ok, but other people's dogs might object Xmas Wink

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cedmonds · 19/12/2010 22:24

Hi my friend used to take her cat to a old peoples home and used to walk there with him on a lead. She never had any problems from dogs etc. She used to take it up to Epsom Downs as well on a felxi lead with her dogs and he was always fine used to love it.

purplepidjbauble · 19/12/2010 23:11

Thanks, cedmonds, I might try it - if i can get him to be a little better behaved! he's a bit strong-minded at the moment Xmas Grin

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HonestyBox · 20/12/2010 23:02

You can get a bicycle basket for a cat/small dog. It looks really cute, goes on the handlebars. I would be wary of walking a cat near dogs, many quite sane dogs would not be able to cope with a cat coming towards them on a lead.

purplepidjbauble · 20/12/2010 23:30

Ooh, I like that idea, Honesty Thank you

Even the best of dogs will chase small furry interesting-smelling things, and also being in strange environment could be quite stressful for him, no matter how interesting he finds it Xmas Smile

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