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The litter tray

How do I find my cats a good home?

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Amberc · 13/12/2010 09:43

Hi All, I have two beautiful British Shorthair cats aged 1 year. I am due to give birth however to twins in January and already have a toddler and I'm not sure I can cope with all of them. I have not got a clue how to find my cats a good home. We are not bothered about money (although they cost a fortune!), more about finding people who will love them.

On the other hand, they are very lazy creatures and never wnat to go out. I am wondering if I could get them to go out in the day whether I could keep them. How do I make them go out? If I put them outside they just sit there waiting to come in again - for hours!

Not sure what to do. Toddler loves them but they make mess I could well do without with all I have on my plate in the new year...

OP posts:
Butterbur · 13/12/2010 09:56

It's really hard to find homes for adult cats. If you give them to a rescue centre, they will either live out their lives in little cages or be put down. What kind of a life is that? You chose to take on the responsibility, less than a year ago, when they were cute little kittens and you need to stick with it now they are annoying adult cats. How much work are two cats that just sit around all day anyway?

Amberc · 13/12/2010 10:09

When I took on the cats I had no idea I was going to have three children! You are talking to a cat lover who has always had cats since I was a kid so I am not about to give them to a rescue centre. Basically they walk litter around the house, get poo stuck in their feet which then deposits on all the floors and their hair is everywhere! All normal things yes but I just won't have the time to constantly hoover and mop to keep everywhere clean for two floor dwellers (my newborn twins). Just trying to be practical. These two will easily find new homes. They are lovely cats and very beautiful. I just don't know where to start. That's what I need help with.

OP posts:
ClaireDeLoon · 13/12/2010 14:34

Try the messageboards at for advice.

I tend to think the same way Butterbur does I'm afraid and would be looking into getting one of the big mats to put by the litter tray to help with treading litter (you can get them specifically for that purpose).

scurryfunge · 13/12/2010 14:39

I would try and dispense with the cat litter and train them to go outside.

Perhaps you could limit the cats to specific areas of the house.

Use a furminator to cmbat excess fur.

Geepers · 13/12/2010 14:43

What cat litter are you using? Have you tried changing it and putting a mat outside the litter tray to prevent it tracking?

I use a furminator on my cats, one is a bsh, one is a Persian, and we have no hair problems at all.

I also have twins who are now ten months and having the cats is an extra five minutes work a day.

Bearcat · 13/12/2010 16:08

Whats a furminator?
I have a BSH cat and he has a few tufty bits on his shoulders which I try to pull off (if I'm lucky and quick) but he's not the most patient lad.

Amberc · 13/12/2010 16:10

I am willing to try anything - what kind of mat is it which specifically helps with treading litter? Would it be possible to post a link? I am using catsan wood as I already tried a number of different others and find this one the least smelly and with the smallest particles. The fur is the least of the problems, if I could sort out the litter it wouldn't be anywhere near so bad! When we used regular catsan, my toddler was always picking bits up from around the house.

OP posts:
UnpureAsTheDrivenSHOW · 13/12/2010 16:17

I had to force my indoor cats into being outdoor cats. We lived in a rental property and they were spreading litter everywhere and walking poo into the carpet. They are allowed in all day but out at night and they ask to go out during the day if they need to. They're very happy little ratters now. Always bringing things home and ask to go out, especially in warm weather.

We just had to bite the bullet and go for it. We started feeding them outside, spent time outside with them and they soon settled into a routine they appear to enjoy.

ClaireDeLoon · 13/12/2010 16:25

I use ordinary catsan I found that the wood pellet stuff just went muchy and there were little pawprints as a result, but yes catsan does get trodden around but is easier to sweep up.

The mat is something like this although they do work best with covered litter trays as then the cat only has one exit and is forced to wlak on the mat. That said changing to a covered box stopped the litter being kicked around lots anyway!

scurryfunge · 13/12/2010 16:29

Bearcat - furminators are great. See above link. It was recommended on here, so I got one. They thin out cat hair by brushing it and cutting at the same time. My cat loves being groomed with it.

Amberc · 13/12/2010 20:10

Right we'll give that mat a try - they already have a covered litter box.

Unpure - did you try this in summer? It's freezing now and I wouldn't feel right sending them out at night (we also have foxes). We have tried just shutting them out and they will literally just sit there in front of the door for hours. If I put their food outside I think it would be gone in no time due to birds/other cats munching it.

OP posts:
ClaireDeLoon · 13/12/2010 20:39

Do you want them out all day and in at night? Mine do this and rarely use the tray.

Out all night is not a great idea as they're more likely to get run over sadly.

If you're feeling flush you can get some outdoor cat cabin things to encourage them in enjoying the great outdoors.

Like this however with twins due I'm sure you've got other things to be spending on Grin

SmokinHowardDonald · 13/12/2010 20:42

If you do need to rehome them, you might be pleasantly surprised. I rehomed a 4 year old black shorthaired cat in the summer from a fellow mumsnetter and he's settled right in. Some of us here are more than happy to take in already housetrained family cats.

rubybambini · 13/12/2010 22:53

Our two cats are house cats. To minimise their mess, we bought a hooded litter tray, which means a whole lot less litter getting flung around to start with.

We use The World's Best Cat Litter, because it's made from dried sweetcorn kernels, and you can flush it straight down the loo. Very little smell compared to other ones I've had in the past, and it doesn't seem to be too dusty.

We've also got a handheld vacuum for those quick whiparounds when you can't quite be bothered to get the 'big' vacuum out.

Hope this helps =)

larahusky · 13/12/2010 23:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyBiscuit · 13/12/2010 23:32

A covered cat tray makes a huge difference in the mess department and your cats are not too old to learn to go outside to go to the loo. Do they have a cat flap? They would probably prefer to go out - mine usually poo outside despite having been housecats for years.

Devilforasideboard · 14/12/2010 19:03

British Shorthairs are often kept as indoor cats and tend to have a thing about being close to their owners. So of course the poor wee things will sit and wait to be let back in, it's just the way they're wired - they're worried you'll be doing something interesting without them!

I don't think you'd have any trouble re-homing them. Google British Shorthair rescue and some links will come up. Or you could sell them. I got my pair through Pets4Homes aged 9 months and the woman selling them (because she couldn't cope with them) turned down quite a few people because she wanted to find the 'right' home for them.

Amberc · 15/12/2010 12:23

Thanks for all the replies everyone. I am going to try everything you've suggested first and only if nothing makes a difference will I investigate a new home.

LadyBiscuits - they don't prefer to go out - I have tried!

Devil - that's quite sweet!

Clair - already investigated a katkabin and would get it if I thought it would be used. Am waiting on a report back from my friend with two BS cats before spending ££!

OP posts:
MissFoodie · 26/03/2011 14:02

Any feedback on the Katkabin????
Am desperate to get one for my 2yr old tabby!!!!

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