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You know your cat is spoilt when...

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phipps · 15/11/2010 09:33

You are doing the vacuuming in and you don't move the sofa to clean behind because she is asleep in it Grin.

Add your own Grin.

OP posts:
ClaireDeLoon · 15/11/2010 09:35

That's just lazy housework and blaming the cat Wink :o

You know your cat is spoilt when you leave the heating on in case they get cold.

mrsden · 15/11/2010 09:38

You know your cat is spoilt when you leave the radio on for her when you go out and leave a light on so she can see when it gets dark!

phipps · 15/11/2010 09:59


OP posts:
WkdSM · 15/11/2010 10:01

Your father carries her outside so she can go to toilet and stands there with an umbrella over her as it is raining - then picks her up and carries her back inside.

phipps · 15/11/2010 10:30


OP posts:
TheLogLady · 15/11/2010 10:33

an hour after breakfast she starts destroying things until you give in and give her a snack.

phipps · 15/11/2010 12:40

Mine is still asleep on the sofa snoring very loudly.

I seriously considered putting my blanket on her as it is bloody freezing.

OP posts:
Blackcurrantandme · 15/11/2010 13:58

you let him sleep between the pillows on the bed so he doesnt get lonely.

you carry him up to bed otherwise he has a tantrum.

youe husband builds 'camps' out of the bedcovers for the cat to sleep in.

bloody cat it going to get the shock of his life when the really baby arrives

daisyj · 15/11/2010 14:01

Your husband no longer sits in his favourite chair because it's now the cat's bed.

This is very funny - particularly love the toilet/umbrella story Grin

Notterrysmine · 15/11/2010 21:50

Your dc writes his letter to santa, otherwise he'll feel lonely on christmas day with no presents to open!!! Hmm

CarGirl · 15/11/2010 21:52

You build a £5k conservatory so they have their own room Confused

phipps · 15/11/2010 21:54


I bought my cats' Christmas presents before my childrens' or husbands'!

OP posts:
jaffacake2 · 15/11/2010 21:56

You let it lie on your shoulder although you know the chances of it hitting the send on laptop is high.
Mine managed to send an email to MN before I had finished it! Only about wagner on x factor ! Smile

systemsaddict · 15/11/2010 21:56
  • the potentially useful cupboard next to the bed is reserved for her exclusive use as de luxe sleeping cabinet.

- that is, when she's not curled up next to you under the duvet, forcing you to sleep on your left hand side with arm curled round just so to make her a nice warm person-smelling basket.
TimothyTigerTuppennyTail · 15/11/2010 21:56

You must know my mum Cargirl. Unless you are my mum.

You make the bed millpond smooth, then adjust the pillows and make 2 cat sized dents/nests.

CarGirl · 15/11/2010 22:01

perhaps I should bin the plans for the conservatory........

QOD · 15/11/2010 22:06

when you literally are awake for 2 hours (last night) because you are too hot under the 2 quilts but can't take one off as the cats on the bed
You keep yourself awake by tossing and turning whilst doing yoga type moves so you don't disturb the cat. Eventually you fold the top quilt nicely round the cat and wedge your head against the head board - then move it as the cat might get hot..........

We er umm also have a dolls pram in the hallway. The cat chose it as his bed and well, he likes being up high and being pushed round in it....... no really he does!

systemsaddict · 16/11/2010 07:02
  • her diet consists of breakfast, mid-morning snackette, a few biscuits to get her through lunchtime, her supper, choice morsels from our supper, and two lots of evening biscuits (me and dp).

- you spend more on hugely expensive lactose-reduced cat milk than on cow milk because she refuses to drink water and gets poorly from cow milk
iTigress · 16/11/2010 07:32

... when the brand new reduced Laura Ashley throw is commandeered and you give up snuggling in it with DH as she constantly miaows at you to let her (and only her) snooze on it :(

PurpleOne · 27/11/2010 05:46

We live in bed n brek.
I share bed with dd2 [13].

Until the cat gets on the bed. She loves fleece and will lick and smurgle all night long.
One night dd2 was sprawled across the bed and Lunagh was spread across [long stylee] my side of the bed. I had already left radio on [5th nov] and big light on as was at Peter kay at o2. She hogs all my bed.

Spoilt isn't the word.LOL. I mean I get the warm patch but FFS. That bloody cat.
Fed twice a day. Cardboard box to rag instead ofthe carpet.
Then she has the audacity to climb on dd1s bed and sleep on her pillow.

Spoilt bitch cat

Hopelesslydisorganised · 27/11/2010 05:50

.... you get up at 5.20am on a Saturday (I mean a SATURDAY FFS - my day off and a chance to have a lie in) to feed said spoilt moggy because she INSISTS on it.

KathH · 14/12/2010 21:12

DH leaves the heating on all nite - not because you might be cold - in case the cat is!


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Kitta · 20/12/2010 22:49

To have seriously had a fight about Christmas presents for the cats?
DP who ?hates? cats, but will leave heat on for them, and sleep in weird positions so as not to wake them, and will buy them fish even though I can?t stand the stuff and he?s allergic.
Apparently I?m mean to have not bought them a present this year, ffs I haven?t even got around to buying him or my mother a present yet and he?s worried about the cats. . .

I did point out that as they are been brought up in a mixed race/ culture/ nationality / religion household that could we even be sure that they were Christian/ celebrated Christmas?

The saddest thing is he did stop and think about it. .

And sadder I?ve been on the net and bought them a little something that I will give them before he gets up on Christmas morning.

Bearcat · 27/12/2010 13:24

You get out of bed to open the bedroom door ( that is already slightly open) as the cat is scratching it and you know dam well if he just pushed it a bit harder he could flaming well come in by himself!

CarGirl · 27/12/2010 16:08

I still think building them there own conservatory tops it, plus little heated beds to go in for the winter months....Grin

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