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cat scratching up carpets next to doors!

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jazee · 13/11/2010 07:28

Help - I am really fed up with my cats scratching up the little area of carpet next to door to try and get in. Our house rule in general is that all doors are kept open, but at night time we have to shut our bedroom door as 1year old and kitten are so naughty - they would spend the night jumping around the bed catching feet if allowed. I have put books there but scratch scratch scratch - all night long . The sound drives me nuts and my carpets are getting ruined. If accidently shut in a room this obviously happens too. I have been known to wear ear plugs.
What can I doConfused

OP posts:
monkeyflippers · 13/11/2010 09:17

You could put some lemon there. They hate lemon!

marriedandlookingforcake · 13/11/2010 19:50

Could you shut them in the kitchen or another room with hard flooring instead?

1Catherine1 · 14/11/2010 15:49

Maybe you could get yourself a cat scratching mat and place it where your little kitten is scratching. Might lessen the noise and at very least save your carpet.

There are cheaper alternatives this is just the first one that google found for me :)

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