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Under the weather kitten

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NotAnotherBrick · 04/11/2010 09:50

We have a 5m old kitten. We took her to be weighed a couple of weeks ago, so she could have her next flea treatment. The nurse said that she'd check a sore paw for us with the vet; and came back saying the vet said she felt bloated and possibly had worms...even though she was completely up to date with her worming treatment. So we wormed her again anyway.

But today she's been mewing more than usual, so I don't think she feels right; and her poo this morning was slightly runny.

Any ideas?

She's being spayed on 17th of this month, so obviously will see the vet then. We're not made of money, so I can't afford to take her if it's something she doesn't need a vet for.

How long should we leave it before we take her to the vet; and what should we be doing to help her get better at home? Should we stop her eating? Keep her in?

Apart from mewing slightly more than normal; and the runny poo; she's totally herself, by the way.

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NotAnotherBrick · 04/11/2010 15:25


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NotAnotherBrick · 04/11/2010 16:54


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Teds77 · 04/11/2010 17:53

My vet recommends boiled chicken when there are runny poos. Vet/Vet nurse is also happy to give advice over the phone which is free.

NotAnotherBrick · 04/11/2010 18:11

Maybe I'll give them a ring in the morning then.


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Kitty81 · 18/11/2010 22:23

My cat had this when worked. His tummy is delicate anyway, but when he was wormed by the people we got him from, he reacted badly. I took him off cat food and fed little and often of boiled and cooled plain chicken and rice. I just boiled up a chicken breast in water and the rice separately, rinsed it and chopped it up small, it's a very bland diet but nutritious. After a while I mixed very bland cat biscuits into the rice/chicken mixture and slowly altered the balance until it was all biscuit again. Worked a treat. Also, he is very intolerant to rich types of food, he was having Iams but having tried a few, now will only eat cheapo GoCat and it's all that suits him. I just put tons down and he eats at will, and is much better. If he's sensitive in the tummy, worming could make your cat poorly for a few days, try the chicken and rice thing maybe? Good luck with your poor little mite :)

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