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The litter tray

cat weeing all over the house HELP!

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mentalcat · 29/10/2010 11:09

We have a cat who used to use a litter tray with no problems. We had him neutered and tho he still uses it sometimes, he now wees/poos anywhere. I clean up the mess each time, soak it with the odour solution stuff AND spray it with repellent.

I have tried changing the type of litter, emptying it each time he goes, OR leaving it a few days to build up his smell. We have to shut him out at night then he runs inside first thing and finds somewhere to wee.

Its driving me bonkers. And my house stinks.

Any suggestions on de-odourisers, or litter or behaviour management?? PLEASE?

OP posts:
Pashazade · 29/10/2010 19:29

Try asking your vet they may well have dealt with this issue before. Plus putting food down where they pee should work as they won't do both in the same place. Although it sounds like he may be upset by something else, sometimes these things can be coincidental. Are there any new cats around the neighborhood, something could be spooking him. Also be careful as to what you clean the litter tray with anything more than mild detergent and water can make some cats think there is the equivalent of a lion peeing in their space!!

mentalcat · 29/10/2010 20:26

Thanks Pash.
I spoke to a vet , we think its hormonal due to being neutered.

I went to the pet place and got lots more nice smelling stuff (horrid to him) and hope it works.

OP posts:
LowLevelSlashing · 29/10/2010 20:41

Was going to ask could it be an infection or something, but you've already been to the vet.

Anything new in the house to make him feel like he needs to mark his territory?

A new pet/baby/visitor?

there must be an answer to this so bumping for you.

HonestyBox · 02/11/2010 00:59

Try a feliway? It is meant to make him feel happy and secure so he might stop putting cat wee smells everywhere.

beautifulgirls · 03/11/2010 17:02

take a look here

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