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The litter tray


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topsi · 28/10/2010 08:07

My mum's cat seems to have fleas! It is putting me in a very difficult situation. My DS 3.5 spends alot of time at her house and is getting bitten almost daily.
She has treated the cat with something from the vet that you put on the back of their necks.
She has also spreyed the house and even bought a new hoover to vacuum up more effectively.
She has been back to the vet as it obviously still has fleas, it is still scratching. She has been told she can't re-treat the cat for another week!
Is there anything else we can do, I am stuck, nursery is closed this week and I have to rely on her for child care, I feel awful about the whole thing, my poor son is itching and covered in bites!

OP posts:
bamboobutton · 28/10/2010 08:19

what did she treat the house with? ime only indorex kills the fleas completely.

can she give the cat that injection that makes fleas sterile so they don't keep breeding as well as giving the cat flea treatment.

also fleas can become resistant to frontline. 4fleas tablets are very good.

topsi · 28/10/2010 08:26

I a not sure what she used. She has done it twice now. When I had a cat I just spreyed it with front line now and again. It frustrates me cos she has used this stuff and it hasn't worked and now she seems unable to do anything else.
I understand the fleas can be resistant but surely you need to kill them off and prevent them breeding.

OP posts:
bamboobutton · 28/10/2010 08:56

she can't used indorex if she did it twice, indorex works in about an hour.

ask her to try the 4fleas tablets. frontline never worked on our cats but you can see the fleas falling off them with the tablets

topsi · 28/10/2010 09:30

Do you get all that from the vet?

OP posts:
bamboobutton · 28/10/2010 10:07

no, i bought indorex from here

and you can buy 4fleas from places like pets at home and from smaller pet shops.

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