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can't believe how much I love them

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cruelladepoppins · 19/10/2010 21:03

So ... we got 2 kittens just over a year ago ... they had been orphaned/ abandoned at 3 weeks and their "birth" family raised them by hand from that time. We got them at 8 weeks ... I had put in for a grey girl but due to a mix-up all that was left when we went were 2 black boys. We took them both.

I can't tell you what a delight they have been. One of them is a bit "not right" - he's a bit aloof but will let you do anything to him (in fact they both will) without protest. He sooks his blanket (DS's duvet cover, my cardi, depends where he is) when he's happy.

The other one can't meow even though he is full-grown, he just squeaks. He is a bit more mardy, but won't scratch or bite even if he's hacked off.

The kits both love DH more than me (thanks guys), he picks them up, turns them upside down and tickles their tummies.

It's great to see them with the DCs, they are pretty much bomb-proof. And it has taught the DCs to look out for creatures weaker than themselves.

They are both such great boys, I am so glad we got them.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 19/10/2010 21:09

That's lovely :)

We got our new cat in February and he was a rescue cat. He's doubled in size since then and is quite a nice little bugger. When we saw him we were a bit Hmm because he didn't want anything to do with anyone and was v scrawny but we are so glad we got him now too :)

cruelladepoppins · 19/10/2010 22:07

Ahhhh. My sister has a rescue cat and she loves him. We were thinking of a rescue cat but our neighbour knew we were thinking about a cat and she knew of these guys needing a home ...

Though I must admit I have been a bit Hmm at the odd eviscerated mouse left outside our front door ... still, unconditional love and all that Wink

OP posts:
Meow75 · 22/10/2010 20:36

Nice story, Cruella. Your boys sound lovely, and as you say, the odd evscerated mouse is worth it for the super dooper cuddles that you get in between times!!!

DontCallMeBaby · 24/10/2010 09:24

Aw. We got our two black and white boys just over a year ago, also at eight weeks. They are brilliant - such distinct personalities, right from the start. No eviscerated mice either - so far they've only managed to kill a frog, a mouse (neither of which made it inside the house, phew), a breaded prawn and a chicken croquette.

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