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My cat has a cold (I think)

2 replies

valleyqueen · 18/10/2010 22:40

My lovely cat is sneezing constantly today and is all snotty, she is eating though a lot slower than normal as she keeps stopping, she also feels a little cold to the touch rather than her warm lovely self.

Do I need to take her to the vets or should I just keep her warm and give plenty of food and water? Iam really worried about my other cat catching as she is 14 and completely blind.

Anyone experienced a cat cold before?

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girlywhirly · 20/10/2010 09:56

Has she been immunised against feline influenza? Ring the vet and ask advice. Very contagious if it is cat flu.

valleyqueen · 20/10/2010 19:53

She has been vacinated I did phone the vet in the end, as the cat is still being her greedy self she has been given some powder for her food which will help the snot.

She sounds so pitiful though :( I can hear her snuffling under the sofa.

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