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I am so worried about my cat

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IUsedToBeFab · 03/10/2010 20:16

She is 16, not old these days for cats is it? She has been asleep next to me for an hour or two. She has woken up, had a wash and then tried to stand up and it seemed like her leg gave way. Please tell me her leg just went to sleep like ours do. She has a bit of arthritis in her back leg but this was her front leg. She means the world to me.

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Goblinchild · 03/10/2010 20:25

My mum's cat had a wobbly left front leg and lived to be 22. I know what you mean, I worry about our cat every time I let him out. He's 12.
" Watch out for the cars, don't get into fights, hide from foxes..."
Last time he was ill, I cooked him chicken and snipped it into teeny pieces, and I'm veggie.
I wouldn't do that for my children Grin

IUsedToBeFab · 03/10/2010 20:42


She is still lying next to me but hasn't settled back to sleep yet. I want her to sleep on my bed tonight but dh won't let her.

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Goblinchild · 03/10/2010 20:48

She'll be happier in a warm snuggly place, without having to worry about being rolled over on.
Does she wake you up at 5am wanting breakfast?

Naow Naow NAOW!
That's why mine sleeps in the extension with the door closed

IUsedToBeFab · 03/10/2010 20:54

DH has put her to bed and given her her supper of biscuits. She has the loveliest cosy bed in the utility room - we had hamsters and babies so she couldn't have the run of the house at night - so will be cosy and warm.

Dh feed her as soon as he gets up, before he feeds the kids! Grin

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