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Help please - advice needed on stray cat

6 replies

GalanthusNivalis · 14/09/2010 17:44


I am wondering what to do about a cat that has appeared outside my house - it IS wearing a collar with a bell but no name... the collar has worn away all the fur underneath. It is the skinniest, scruffiest cat you havever seen and it is trying to eat the guinea pig's food. I feel sorry for it, but don't really like cats and don't wnat to feed it in case it belongs to someone - is on a special diet et. but it just got blown over by a gust of wind - what should I do?

OP posts:
scurryfunge · 14/09/2010 17:46

Don't call the RSPCA whatever you do, they are crap.

Are there any local charities that you can call? Blue Cross, for example?

StewieGriffinsMom · 14/09/2010 17:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GalanthusNivalis · 14/09/2010 18:02

Thanks for quick response - it has disappeared (probably to shelter from the rain) I will keep an eye out for it - I may feed it if it is still here later. Have phoned local vet and asked if anyone is missing a cat....

OP posts:
Lovesdogsandcats · 20/09/2010 00:13

Whats the latest?

MadAboutQuavers · 20/09/2010 00:30

Feed it

It's possibly lost or has been kicked out

Blue cross or cat's protection league are your best bets in terms of actually doing something

But if it comes back, feed it, whatever you do, before it dies

seaturtle · 20/09/2010 00:51

Second Cats Protection League. They were very quick to respond in my area when we found a stray. They came round the evening we phoned them.

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