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The litter tray

Dopey Cat

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FuzzyWuzzyWuz · 07/09/2010 17:00

My dopey mog just tried to catch a sparrow by going through the net curtain and the closed window... Seems absolutely fine but there was a hell of a bang. Confused

Anyone else's cats get up to daftness like this?

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Vallhala · 07/09/2010 22:24

Clarence regularly lays on the back of the sofa, stretches in his sleep and promptly rolls off onto the floor. He's got it down to quite an art form now. Cue many indignant glares at me and much "I did that on purpose, y'know, I'm coooool" grooming.

One of my former, much missed cats used to make an entry into the sitting room via the open top window... straight into the fish tank beneath. After the third time of wet-tailed, haughty cat stomping off in disgust we realised that he hadn't the brain to learn not to do it and moved the fishtank. I think the fish were relieved too.

thesunshinesbrightly · 07/09/2010 22:44

'Cue many indignant glares at me and much "I did that on purpose, y'know, I'm coooool" grooming'.

Grin mine too daft cat.

lamplighter · 10/09/2010 11:17

My old cat used to run full pelt at birds making a weird "Ack ack ack ack" noise. Then sit down all puzzled when they flew off.


StantonHarcourtTheThird · 10/09/2010 21:30

Grin just found the litter tray!! didn't know twas here.

my cat does this all the time she is a total numpty.

FuzzyWuzzyWuz · 10/09/2010 21:38

Oo Lamplighter, my cat makes a high pitched mem mem mem mem mem noise when looking at birds. But just dribbles at fish silently. Odd Smile

Stanton, I think it's new this week. Glad to hear mine isn't the only nice but dim cat.

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