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How to stop cats fighting? Feliway any good?

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Ishouldprobablywax · 02/09/2010 15:25

My friend had to leave the country at very short notice as her father is very Ill abroad, so I took in her cat as no catteries would take her given the time of year.

My cat is ridiculously interested in her and is constantly trying to sniff her backside, play fighting etc, she's quite a chilled little thing but is 1/3 of his size and only has one eye. He's huge and very confident and launches himself at her/swiping her tail etc. I don't think it's angry fighting- I'm pretty sure there would be blood if he meant it.

I tried the usual- separation, slow introduction, playing, treats but he just will not take his eyes off her.
It's been this way for a week and I'm erring a bit fed up and worried the little one will get hurt (she only has 3 teeth and very short claws so she's not much cop fighting!
Have also tried loud clapping and water when he's queing up for an attack but it's just not working!!
I dot know how long she will be here so I'm quite anxious to sort it out!

Have bought feliway as last ditch attempt, is it any good??

OP posts:
choufleur · 02/09/2010 16:04

Get a water pistol and everytime they start shoot them with it.

WitchyWooWoo · 03/09/2010 17:30

op has tried water. i have no idea about feliway but wish you all the best. you can get a bike horn, ive heard that works, or try a bit of water with lemon juice in it. the smell and the sensation might be enough.

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