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How much insurance for a pedigree kitten?

2 replies

MindySimmons · 31/08/2010 13:16

Our siberian kitten comes home with us tomorrow (v excited!) but we are all new to cat ownership and as well as any other sage words of wisdom, I wanted to know what level of cover is sensible? So many different policies and I have no idea how much vets bills can be?

OP posts:
larahusky · 31/08/2010 23:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sharbie · 31/08/2010 23:54

we are with morethan about £12 pm for a 5yr old problems with claims made in past.we have pretty much standard cover which seems more than adequate - he has been to vets more than our non pedigree cats.

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