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Might have mites

PuppyBonBon · 17/07/2020 23:14

Our 10 week old pup is showing symptoms of mites. Cheyletiella is the particular suspect. We've had an online video consultation with a vet through our insurance company. They were great and suggested a fleat/tick/mite treatment like frontline. As part of our "puppy pack" at the vets we get a all in one wormer/tick/flea/mite treatment. We went to collect it 5 days early that they give it normally because of the mite symptoms. It's NexGard.

I'm panicking about giving it to her because of the horror stories. What if it's her that's the 2% that die? There's all kinds of warnings on the internet. I couldn't lose her. But I don't want her to suffer from the mites and itching. Are these insecticides safe? Can anyone recommend one? Or a non-toxic method to cure and something we can do for longterm protection for her?

I don't think I'm comfortable giving her these neurotoxins, just in case.

She's had an oatmeal and honey shampoo bath this evening and we're looking at olive oil tomorrow, adding apple cider vinegar to her food.

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