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Cavapoo -puppy or rescue

Brabera · 18/06/2020 14:34

Our beloved 14 year old dog died in March, just before the lockdown. We were just about ready to look for another when we realised that every other bugger was doing the same plus rescues weren’t open properly.

I’ve used the time to do a bit of research and I think a cavapoo would really suit us. I’m not a big fan of ‘designer dogs’ in general but the cavapoos I’ve met seem to be really nice dogs. I’d quite like a puppy but would consider a rescue (our last dog was a rescue cross breed)

I’m ultra aware though that the market for them has led to a lot of puppy farming so my question is how do I find a decent ‘breeder’? I know we will have to wait and I’m happy to do so.

Also, is there an official rescue organisation or do I just stick to looking at local ones?

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MyBabyIsAFurBaby · 18/06/2020 14:42

I got my puppy during lockdown. I messaged the breeder (I found her online after searching for puppies for sale near me), and we exchanged numbers. She did a video call on WhatsApp so that I could meet the mother dog and see the puppies. She showed me the two that were left, and then sent me pictures so that I could choose which one I wanted. We kept in touch for the two weeks I had to wait to collect my puppy, and she was happy to answer my questions by text and call.

I think you will just have to listen to your gut instinct when looking at ads and then contacting the breeders. If you think it seems dodgy, it probably is!

In terms of getting a rescue, I don't know if there are any official resuces for cavapoos, but it might be nice to support a local rescue.

Good luck, OP.

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