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My nearly 1 year old pug

Secretsout · 25/03/2020 16:25

Hi all, looking for advice.

I'm the very proud mummy of an 11 month old pug. I've had her since August and she's my first dog.

When I got her she was moulting quite a lot (I expected this) and she stopped late September. She's started again in the last month so I've been combing her and it definitely helps.
But how often should I do it? Is daily too much? I've been doing twice a week but she's definitely better when she's just been done so I'll do it more if it won't be detrimental to her.

Secondly, when I first got her we quickly went in to winter so she's not spent too much time in the garden other than weed and poos. I have a large garden for her to play in but there are neighbours all around. We've been outside a lot the last few days and she's constantly barking and grunting at any voices in the other gardens and she's being really annoying and I don't want to upset the neighbours Is there a way to stop her doing this? She's going to be a nightmare in the summer and I really want to enjoy being outside with her and letting her run around and play

Really appreciate any advice.

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Girlintheframe · 26/03/2020 05:46

Daily grooming will be fine.

With the barking you need to teach her 'shh'. Every time she is quiet even just for a 2nd say shh and give her a treat. If she barks ignore her. The idea is to reinforce the behaviour you want. Ime barking can be quite hard to control but it can definitely be improved upon. Our dog barks when ever the door goes but we've taught him he has to sit on a special spot. We say shh and when he is quiet we reward it. It's reduced the barking by about 75% but not completely.

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