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How much tomato ketchup to get rid of fox poo smell !

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BarryNormansSofa · 06/04/2012 15:35

She rolled in fox poo on way back from walk - so made a 20 min detour to the river to wash some of it off . Got home rubbed tomato sauce round her neck then wiped it off with wet cloth - smells slightly better ..but still has a slight wiff !
Collar been through the wash, she has been banned to the garden since we got back at lunchtime - much to her disgust.

What's the knack to this tomato ketchup technique - is it worth taking sachets on walks to rub it in before dunking her in the river ? Grin

Just when the 'outlaws' are coming for the weekend !

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PigletJohn · 06/04/2012 15:51

with skunks, they say tomato juice (not ketchup). I haven't had to try it myself.

I would have thought an ordinary dog shampoo would make quite an improvement. Outdoors, fox smells seem to wash away after rain.

noinspiration · 06/04/2012 19:11

I've always used dog shampoo myself, which gets rid of the whiff no problem.

AnEcumenicalMatter · 07/04/2012 11:40

Apply ketchup liberally. Leave for as long as possible (20-30 mins if you may want to confine smelly dog to outdoors for this period to avoid having to Google for tips on removing ketchup stains from furniture) then wash off.

multipoodles · 07/04/2012 16:09

When I've used it and over the years it has been numerous times it has been with a full bathing session. She's rolled in poo, came home stuck her in the bath and do one normal shampoo wash, then liberally (on std poodle I've used about 500g) spread it around the main area of fox poo. Let it stand on dog for about 10 mins, I use this time to trim nails, clean ears etc then rinse off, then light shampoo to remove most of the smell of tomato ketchup. Dry dog, and smell is gone, buy another bottle for next time because once a poo roller always a poo roller..

BarryNormansSofa · 10/04/2012 10:58

Thanks all, we have never bathed her - always get her to swim in the river . The swim , rub down , ketchup and rub down seemed ok - might take a few sachets on a walk ready for next time Grin

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