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Help needed for upset newborn

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Cotswoldlife90 · 26/09/2023 03:45

Hi all I have a 5 week old FF baby who is currently using MAM bottles and kendamil with no issues so far. Recently made the switch from size 0 to 1 teats as I felt he was getting frustrated with the flow. Now I don't know whether its coincidence but tonight he has been so unsettled. Been waking up at his normal times during the night but as soon as I offer the bottle he starts thrashing and screaming and won't drink but then roots around?? He's currently fallen asleep on me without having had his bottle. He has burped and done a couple of farts. Do I need to go back to the slower teats? Feeling pretty useless that I don't know why he's being like this 😕

OP posts:
mellongoose · 26/09/2023 04:04

You're not useless. You're a great mum because you're trying to find the issue and put it right.

What happens if you pop a bit of milk on your finger? Will he take that?

Sprogonthetyne · 26/09/2023 04:09

No advice as I didn't FF, but wanted to say your definitely not useless. Difficult nights can be so lonely and exhausting, but your doing great.

vintednotmintedg · 26/09/2023 04:42

It could just be that he doesn't want a bottle right now- it's really hard with hunger cues in a tiny baby!

However, if you've just changed the teat and have noticed a changed id give it a go at changing back to the other one.

Try not to panic, even with one bottle goes wrong, you're never that far from the next one ☺️

Well done Muma, you've got this!

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