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This is a space for anyone looking for support, tips on helping your baby sleep or just for a chat with fellow wide-awakers to get you through the night feeds. Sponsored by MAM.

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Struggling to sleep

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Canalboatgirl · 24/09/2023 10:16


My baby is almost 9 weeks now and she is starting to sleep fairly well. She goes down at night, generally sleeps 4-5hours, wakes for a feed and then goes down easily again for another 2-3 hours.
The problem is me! I have had one stretch of 5hours of sleep, but most nights I seem to wake every 1-2hours to find her sleeping soundly 😬 she's a very noisy sleeper and I think her active sleep wakes me.

I get some fresh air and a walk in most days, regulate my caffeine.. the lack of sleep is making me feel more anxious.
I also have dreams I have fallen asleep breastfeeding and squished her!

Can anyone relate, I thought this was normal, but mums at my baby massage group say they sleep well!

Can anyone relate, give me some tips to relax and reassure me that this will pass!! 🥴🥴

First time mum and I had a traumatic birth. Can I say that I am not suffering with depression and have good support partner and family. I have always been a light sleeper.

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Firebrickblue · 13/10/2023 01:16

Yes this is exactly me, I was like it with both babies! Currently awake whilst baby fast asleep. With my first, it improved once all my hormones settled down after around 9 months I think. Not sure how helpful that is but you’re definitely not alone!

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