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Handhold? Baby's ear infection is back

5 replies

Wobblyheart · 15/09/2023 00:53

Help. I am besides myself with worry. My 11mo was feeling poorly a week ago, took him to GP and it was clear he had ear a d throat infection. Gave him antibiotics, and he was doing and feeling great. Now two days after stopping antibiotics he is pulling at his ears and the fever is back.

I will be back at GPs in thr morning buy please tell me if you ever experienced anything like this? I am feeling sick with worry he had got done sort of resistant bug...

OP posts:
Flittingaboutagain · 15/09/2023 00:59

It's not uncommon to need 10 days or two courses if not consecutive. He'll be fine!

BreadInCaptivity · 15/09/2023 01:04

It's horrid isn't it when your little one is unwell.

Ear infections can be so nasty. I remember my (now adult) DS being very unwell with one as a baby and being woken by his cries to find his ear and cot mattress covered in "gunk" (obviously not a technical term).

He was on antibiotics and as I recall it took two weeks for him to get back to himself and double doses of antibiotics.

Upshot is you're being a great mum looking after him and yes, go back to the GP.

Some infections can be stubborn but don't assume they are resistant to treatment - it's very, very (x100) unlikely that's the case.

Just try and manage the symptoms for tonight and keep baby cool and hydrated.

HoppingPavlova · 15/09/2023 01:07

Not uncommon. Unfortunately babies and small kids have Eustachian tubes that are not really fit for purpose until they grow. It’s like a design fault😝. That’s why so many small kids have ear problems, get ear infections, glue ear, need grommets etc, although tonsils play a large part in needing grommets as enlarged ones back the stuff up into ears but that’s a different story. Suffice to say, unfortunately normal and will likely not be the last ear drama, although some kids are better than others with ears.

Wobblyheart · 15/09/2023 01:12

Thank you both, its reassuring to hear. He was doing so well after 7 days of antibiotics I thought it was done and dusted.

He has been calpoled, layer of clothing removed, cuddles en route as we co sleep so at least I know he knows his mama is near him. Our GPs are great so I am sure they will be able to help us quickly.

OP posts:
BreadInCaptivity · 15/09/2023 02:41

Then you've done brilliantly.

Try and sleep tonight and go to the GP in the morning.


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