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Swaddling and sleep

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Bature · 08/09/2023 00:47

My baby is 11 weeks old and sleeps in a Tommee Tippee Grobag:

I just put him down (on his back) and he rolled onto his side and and then immediately back onto his back. My understanding is that babies should immediately be unswaddled if they can roll over. Does this include rolling onto their side?! Please help, as I’m wondering if I should unswaddle him now or just sit here watching him all night.

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OP posts:
KitchenMandarin · 08/09/2023 01:05

I would unswaddle personally if he's attempting to roll about.
Can you pop his arms out like the babies in the pictures from the link you posted?

ZuliKyanLarsFoz · 08/09/2023 01:11

I would unswaddle now.

Bature · 08/09/2023 01:17

Oh, dear. That’s what I thought. He is going to be very cross.

Thank you, ladies.

OP posts:
USaYwHatNow · 08/09/2023 01:49

We unswaddled as soon as our little boy looked like he was trying to roll over. We went through a bit of a hellish week or so... For him to actually learn to roll over 8 weeks later 😂 but better to be safe than sorry.

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