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This is a space for anyone looking for support, tips on helping your baby sleep or just for a chat with fellow wide-awakers to get you through the night feeds. Sponsored by MAM.

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Anyone up?

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garlictwist · 21/08/2023 03:14

Awake and feeling so alone.

OP posts:
PurBal · 21/08/2023 03:19

Sorry to hear you’re lonely @garlictwist. I’m awake. Anything in particular keeping you up?

Sheepsheepie · 21/08/2023 03:19

Yes wide awake!

garlictwist · 21/08/2023 03:21

Thanks for replying. I am in a lot of pain due to problems with my hips. I am supposed to be going on holiday next week and I can hardly move. My husband and I have fallen out as he says he can't support me as he has too much going on in his own life (he does, to be fair). I can't sleep as I am in agony, can't eat because I feel so nauseous and I just can't see a way forward.

OP posts:
PurBal · 21/08/2023 03:32

That sounds really hard! Especially if you’re lacking in support. Have you spoken to your GP about managing the pain? I know appointments can be like hens teeth and secondary care waiting lists seem to be long but it sounds like you need to rest and it would be nice to enjoy your holiday! Where are you going?

letstrythatagain · 21/08/2023 03:35

Am here and awake too. Pain can be a very lonely place. Sending support over to you OP x

Sheepsheepie · 21/08/2023 03:36

Oh you have my sympathy my hips ache occasionally and it’s a nightmare sleeping so I can’t even imagine with a long standing issue how much it’s affects you.

Is there anything that helps your hips? I have got up at 4am before and sat in the bath.

Sounds mentally like a hard place too? Have you had any counselling? You can normally self refer to a local service.

beccahamlet · 21/08/2023 03:48

Sorry to hear you're in pain. Have you got any painkillers? Things always seem awful in the night. I hope you feel better soon.

sashh · 21/08/2023 04:10

I'm awake and I am an old friend with pain stopping sleep.

Have you got any chamomile tea? It's not as good as pain killers but it can help.

DO you have a TENS machine? If not you might try that.

Groutyonehereagain · 21/08/2023 04:40

I’m awake with hip pain. I’ve had two paracetamols, three 30mg Codeine and a naproxen. I’m still in pain, so you’re in good company @garlictwist .

garlictwist · 21/08/2023 05:30

Thanks all. I've seen the GP who wasn't the greatest. I have strong painkillers but they are not touching the sides. I am just so tired of being in pain. It's been a long hard year and now I feel like my marriage is falling apart as a result. I'm just so tired and drained and want my old life back. Sometimes I just wish the world would end or something so I don't have to deal with it any more.

OP posts:
garlictwist · 21/08/2023 05:31

Sorry to hear that @Groutyonehereagain

Do you know what's wrong with your hips? I think mine is a labral tear.

OP posts:
sashh · 21/08/2023 06:00

@garlictwist have yu tried hot and cold therapies? Basically a hot bath or a packet of frozen peas.

The cold reduces inflamation, heat can reduce pain.

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