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Really loud grunting baby

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Babytwodue · 20/08/2023 15:05

As the subject says … our 2 week old is SO loud. Grunts continually when not in a deep sleep. She’s doing it now in her pram, usually don’t hear her in the day, but I’m guessing that’s because our toddler is so loud we don’t notice. Of a night though, it’s so disruptive 🙁

does anyone have experience of this and when they outgrow it? Or do we need to look at white noise to drown her out

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Babytwodue · 21/08/2023 02:14


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Groutyonehereagain · 21/08/2023 02:20

You need to get her checked out by the doctor. Some noise is perfectly normal but what you describe sounds excessive.

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