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Stuck hours from home overnight and I've got a vomiting bug

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Orangeinmybluelightcup · 30/07/2023 00:57

I'm away overnight with the family in London and seem to have come down with the vomiting bug Dd had last weekend. Dh will have to take the kids to the things booked tomorrow. But what can I do all day?! Hotel will kick us out at 10am. It's hours on a bus with no loo to get home, and we all need to go together so we can drive at the other end. This sucks!!!!

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MamaNell · 30/07/2023 01:12

You need to book another night in the hotel so you can stay there and recover.

There are 3 options
A) join in the day as planned and feel dreadful
B) go home on your own
C) stay longer in the hotel as options a and b might result in vomiting in public.

ChocolateLime99 · 30/07/2023 01:23

Yuk! So sorry. This is grim, obviously no easy solution. Honestly if it were me I'd throw budget out the window and try to get myself home ASAP in any way possible. Either leaving husband to sort out DC!! Or cancelling all kids activities and leaving all together in a taxi asap.

You could explain and beg hotel for late check out, even if you have to pay extra? Stay there while DH does activities with the kids and hope you feel better by the time you get to the bus station, eeek?

Hours on a bus with no loo... Can you taxi/uber all or at least part of the long bus journey? Like I said, I'd be throwing budget out the window and just getting myself home :(

Hope you feel better soon!

HarrietJet · 30/07/2023 01:31

God. Any chance it's just a 24 hour thing and you'll feel slightly better in the morning? 🤞

HarrietJet · 30/07/2023 01:32

Assuming it's already been 12 hours, that is...

Orangeinmybluelightcup · 30/07/2023 01:33

Well, Dd was only actually vomiting for 1 night. She had stomach pains for the next 2 nights but was OK in the day.
Ffs what rotten timing. I was really looking forward to the science museum!

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