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Post baby sex.

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LovelyNanny26 · 29/07/2023 23:51

Hi hiw would you approach this.My second baby was born 4 weeks ago.She didn't have the best start in life. At 4 days old she contracted sepsis had to be put on the ventilator.It was very much touch and go and I was sobbing my eyes out the entire stay and I nearly thought I'm going to loose her.I also entertain and look after our toddler before he start nursery this September.I look after the house (laundry and cleaning).I do all this all on my own without any help while my husband swans off to well paid job for 10h every day not including weekends.I also exclusive breastfeed our baby so nights are basically on me.He asked me today if we can have sex gain to the point of sounding like a sex pest.I must say I'm not in the mood at all I couldn't care less for now and I don't want to start anything without having a some sort of contraception(told him to get a snip).He also things I must be frigging myself sensles instead of having sex with him.The answer is no I just don't have the energy to be intimate at all.Obviously I don't want o keep rejecting him but surely him asking me for a blowjob or wank only benefits him not me.

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 29/07/2023 23:54

Your husband is disgusting. He has no respect or consideration for you at all.

Duckingella · 29/07/2023 23:54

Christ no wonder you don't want to be intimate with him;my vagina shrivelled up just reading that.

SleepingStandingUp · 29/07/2023 23:59

I'd be direct

I had a baby a few weeks ago, who is attached toy boobs most of the time. I've got a toddler who needs constant attention. I do all the housework.

So you can have sex when I can go more than 5 minutes without someone touching me, when I can sleep for 6 hours solid, when you do your share of the chores, and when you respect me as your wife and mother of your children, not an orifice to sait your needs. Don't bother asking me, I'll be sure to tell you when the time arises.

10Minutestobedtime · 30/07/2023 01:26

Well said @SleepingStandingUp

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