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5mo up for hours in night.. teething?

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L08080 · 23/07/2023 01:58

Is it normal for baby to just be awake for hours on end in the middle of the night when teething? Last 5 nights DD (5.5 months) has been up for 2-3 hours in the night. She’s got her first 2 teeth cutting through but can’t work out if these wakings are teeth related or coincidental and something else going on with her sleep. For context, she wakes up grizzling but then messes about quietly rolling in her cot for an hour + before finally becoming hysterical and almost inconsolable until we give calpol.
Shes a terrible sleeper anyway since the 4 month regression but this is becoming unbearable. Please tell me this ends when the teeth have settled! Or could this be caused by a problem with her nap/ sleep routine?
As I type this she’s just woken up again 25 mins after I finally got her down after a 2 hour awake stint!! She’s just smiling away in her cot wide awake!

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Littlelighthouse · 23/07/2023 03:47

My DD went through a similar phase, I don't think it was even teething for her age just got into a pattern of being awake for two hours happily each night. It did end, but I've quickly learnt that nothing good sleep related send to last in this house 😅
My DD had never been the best sleeper, but just as we get into a new swing where she's sleeping a good 6/7 hours, she'll suddenly stop and we're back to 2-3 night wakings (hence this reply at 3.47 am 🙃)

Nearlyamumoftwo · 23/07/2023 11:03

Yes it could be teething - my son would sometimes just be awake for hours, not in pain just awake and then over the next day I’d see a tooth which would explain everything!

could also be time to drop the 3rd nap so I would try experimenting with that - if she’s awake in the night she just might not be tired so needs a few hours of party time to knock her out again. I think most drop it around 6 months?

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